Pharmacy Tech Certification: How to Become a Pharmacy Technician

Becoming a pharmacy technician may require some extra, specific work compared to that of other jobs that you may do so you may have to take some certification courses when you begin. There are multiple different ways to find this information and different people who can provide to you the type of work you need to complete to become a pharmacy tech.

What is discussed below is five ways that you can find the courses or certifications that are needed to become a pharmacy tech. These are not the only five ways, but they are the most common.

Community College or Vocational School: This is probably the most common way to get the education you need to be a pharmacy tech. Call your local school to inquire about a course catalog to see if they have the courses that you need to complete.

Online: There are a lot of different groups that offer pharmacy technician certification courses online, just be aware of who you are taking courses from and if they are a reliable source of the information that you need. Do some research and ask around if they are legitimate and worthy of use before you waste your time and money.

Hospitals: Since pharmacy technicians are needed in most hospital pharmacies they will often offer courses to teach the certification at the hospital. This is a good source for information as you know they are reliable and trustworthy and they may even offer you a job.

Potential Employers: If you apply to a pharmacy for a pharmacy technician job you should ask if they offer certification through them or if you have to go elsewhere. This is a good option to have because your training will be free and you know you have a job when you are done.

Military: Some military groups will offer pharmacy tech certification courses so that they can fill the need for a technician in their pharmacies. If you are looking for this career to start in the military don’t wait to see if you will get a free ride, inquire immediately.

You may find other viable ways of finding certification courses as a pharmacy technician that will allow you to become a pharmacy technician, but when you find it you will likely find it from one of the five options above. Don’t waste time in getting started on your career as a pharmacy tech because you will need the money from your job ASAP.hments and your energy.

Earning Your Pharmacy Technician Certificate Online

For individuals interested in a health care career in a rapidly growing field with exceptional job outlook the choice to become a Pharmacy Technician may be ideal. To begin on the road toward becoming a Pharmacy Technician, students need only have completed their High School Diploma or equivalent level of academic completion.

Training to become a Pharmacy Tech in some cases may take the form of on-the-job training but more commonly begins in a vocation school or community college. Many programs are offered both online and in a classroom setting and typically take about a year to complete.

Normally, formal Pharmacy Technician courses cover subjects like procedural dispensing of medications, laws and ethics regarding the pharmacy industry and practices. The courses will also cover the names, doses and applications of various medications and their counterparts to prepare them for a direct entry into the workforce.

Depending on what state a Pharmacy Technician is working in, they will be required to pass certain regulatory checks to gain employment. These checks may include but are not limited to the following:

– High School Diploma or equivalent completion.
– Some form of continued education possibly with certification of completion.
– A criminal background check.
– Processing or registration fees.
– An exam or proof of ability.

While a certificate of formal education may not be required in some states, it is almost universally a boon when attempting to secure employment at a hospital, pharmacy or care center.

Online Pharmacy Technician programs are typically conducted through accredited vocation schools and offer certification through coursework that is comparable to their more traditional classroom counterparts. These programs are typically managed through an online platform under the guidance of an instructor but with self-directed coursework and measured through testing and exams.

In some cases, taking a Pharmacy Tech course online may allow a student to complete the course and earn certification in a period of time that is shorter or longer than the typical classroom program based on the student’s own initiative and schedule.

As of 2010, the median pay for Pharmacy Technicians was $28,400 and up to as much as $40,710 for the top ten percent of technicians. In terms of employment prospects and earnings, hospitals across the board paid their pharmacy technicians the most, followed by grocery stores. Due to the nature of the pharmacy industry, it is highly likely that technicians may be required to work nights or weekends at the discretion of their employer.

What Are the Key Contributors of the Growing Demand For Pharmacy Technicians?

There are quite a number of positive developments which affect the increase of pharmacist Technicians in the past decades, some of them are:

1. The gain of national certification on pharmacy Technician career and job has opened up a lot of opportunities for those who have the interest to become assistant to a pharmacist.

2. The development of model curriculums for Pharmacy Technician training and a higher and greater level of recognition of pharmacy technicians in the State and Nation wide on pharmacy practice Acts have encouraged many potentials to seek for new employment opportunities as well as to seek for pharmacy technician’s courses in colleges or online.

3. The roles and responsibilities of Pharmacy technicians have been more clearly defined in hospital, community centre, clinics and wherever the skill sets of pharmacy technicians are needed.
4. Increasingly, hospital pharmacies are encouraged to develop pharmacy technician programs and the increase changes being called out to ensure the roles of these technicians was appropriately articulated in state laws and regulations.

5. The responsibilities of this professions have increased over the years from initially they are responsible for most of the clerical work only in the pharmacy ( similar to a clerk) … until they start to play the governance role for the state pharmacy association as well as the state board of pharmacy.

6. The enablement of pharmacy asistants across multiple settings today, including community pharmacy, hospitals and health systems, long term care facilities, clinic pharmacies, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical whole-salers etc signify that this is a profession which is largely needed in a good wide spread of industry.

7. In the recent years, pharmacists have become more receptive to pharmacy technicians compared to 15 years back where the latter is given the task of dispensing medicine only. However much has changed over the last few years in the potential increased in job scopes of pharmacy technicians.

8. The enhancement in medical field has enabled new medications, antidotes to be invented across the world by the medical experts. This has significantly reduced non fatal deaths, reduce or eliminate significant pain of patients with this invention. With the prolonged age of the population in the society today, the demand for pharmacy technicians have significantly being increased as well.

9. On the other hand, with the increase invention of of new medications invested and become available today, the pharmacists are faced with a greater number of prescriptions to dispense. This has directly reduced the bandwidth of the pharmacists, leaving them with lesser time for counseling patients. At the same time, their working conditions and schedules have deteriorated with an increase in job stress. This is where the importance of the pharmacy technicians comes into picture and they presence has helped to take over the tasks of dispensing the prescriptions to the patients.

Pharmacy assistants as such has gained it popularity increasing nowadays and it is by no mistake on the increased demand of pharmacy technicians in many health sectors in the society today.